175 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Wolfgang Villing bdb749b574 Some more Buttons in Cetuslight Manual-Tab 6 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 4d25eb0d74 Spindle enabled 18k RPM 6 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 10d6722ba0 toolchange wont restore z pos ... lenght wont match 6 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 7d8ddc4940 added analog feed override, remapped inputs 6 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 40d1b400ed Feedback from VFD to Cntroller 7 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 4ead6aed5a added estop, beaglebone and control panel to schema 7 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 7e1dc2fdfe Wider Cetus Sidebar for lowres displays 7 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 40725c74af hal using estop relay 7 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing a8123a5114 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://mk/home/machinekit/fraese 8 months ago
  root 6186282698 optimized backlash, moved z0 to top. 8 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 0da36a6f9a First ecad schema 9 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing ceba9e23ad fixed coolant output 9 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing dee74f84a1 Rearanged Gui Buttons 9 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 2a3fd1534a Run Cetuslight on start 9 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 3b1eea781d CetusLight renamed 9 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 7cd217469a Moved Cetus to CetusLight 9 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing b6de3687c3 Added GCode-Buttons to Cetus, Added some Test LEDs, simplified Layout 9 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 55a044078a Merge Cetus into project 9 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 7f88bf1686 Cetus submodule removed 9 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing ee37e68e5b added zprobe to get Z-Level via ToolProbe 10 months ago
  root a1bef0b87e fixed tool change z height 10 months ago
  root df4e1e26ab fixed probe script 10 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 217c3af77b Replaced M6 Tool Change command with custom logic for length probing 10 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 78dd515eb5 fixed probe, added in/out for interpreter 10 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 483be1ece9 Create Simulation environment from current config by -s option 10 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 7030393d5e Merge branch 'master' of ssh://mksim/home/machinekit/fraese 10 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing ff42d60450 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://mk/home/machinekit/fraese 10 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 161eb82994 Tool Length probing implemented 10 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing f7aba78f8d optimized default parameter 10 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing 7e62ae93d4 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://mk/home/machinekit/fraese 11 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing bb94915ddd added mist cooling output 11 months ago
  Wolfgang Villing fcf9cd1c7d added machinekit source 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing 58ba5afd3c Addes Zero to second plane - tool 0 empty 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing 1556285c33 fixt Z resolution 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing bc4c439b35 systemd service file addded 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing 5741aca511 changed pinout for estop 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing 3316907b1f tuned acceleration 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing e3e441b351 debounced estop 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing 0720f8e46e debounced estop 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing 58cf9bcd81 Added Spindle delay on startup, moved python link in bbmill.hal 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing 58e2b85636 hat using estop 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing 9dbb729a35 added spindle acceleration delay 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing cd042713bc added amplifier fault signals to stop blocked movement 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing 42be0a1e88 addded y axis 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing 738b598139 switched gui to mkwrapper 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing 3a7d1b8c6e added nc demo files 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing ede0568af0 added probe pin in4 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing 60a51b0064 Added probe_basic submodule 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing 356d15b176 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://mk/home/machinekit/fraese 1 year ago
  Wolfgang Villing e4dd2d317b Homing X/Z working 1 year ago