BlocklyDuino - with additional blocks for the ZeeDee.
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1.4 2015/8/4
code name: The Simpsons
* python server integrate with Arduino IDE console
* Upload code to Arduino directly on windows, linux, mac
* Added support for Arduino tone/notone
* Add while loop block
* Can save arduino code locally
* analogWrite works on PWM pins, not analog pins
* serial print to next line
Project maintainance:
* Move domain to
* Self hosting BlocklyDuino at
Credit: Arachnid, stevoleeto, carlosperate, gasolin
1.3 2015/6/19
code name: TOWN
* Grid background
* prefill default combined blocks
* update Blockly to Mar 12
* Fix recursive creation of ino_project subdirectories
* fix server upload function
* fix LED module
Credit: gasolin, fraser, gumbypp
1.2 2015/2/25
code name: Fabuland
* update Blockly to latest (two year gap), can reuse l10n and new blockly features.
* enable frameless code editor (Chrome now works locally)
* improve digital write readness
Credit: fraser, gasolin
1.1 2015/2/8
code name: Dinosaurs
* python server to upload code to Arduino directly (only work on Linux and Mac)
* separate lcd include statement
* update blockly till r546
* rename package demos to apps
* replaced to new Blob API
Credit: gumbypp, gasolin, mjhoy, meln1k, Grahack
1.0 2012/12/11
code name: Mindstorms
* add procedure support with return and logic null blocks, contribute back to blockly
* add blocks:
Grove Ultrasonic Ranger
Grove Motor Shield
Grove Thumb JoyStick
Grove Chained RGB LED
* clean blocks internal
* update blockly till r518, pretty print xml
* change procedure return to ifreturn block via blockly
* names with object
* variable dropdown with object
Credit: gasolin, neil fraser(blockly)
0.9 2012/11/11
code name: TECHNIC
Refactor blocks, rearrange import blocks and blocks with type checking
* add text blocks
* add blocks:
Grove serial lcd effect
Grove Sound Sensor
Grove PIR Motion sensor
Grove Line finder
* separate Grove category into Grove(digital), Grove Analog, and Grove LCD
* make LCD allow to input text block
* update blockly till r504, support checkbox
* remove jquery dependency by implement ajax via XMLHttpRequest
* rearrange import blocks
* appcache support
Credit: gasolin
0.8 2012/10/31
code name: DUPLO
make editor more friendly
* generate arduino code in textarea, easier to copy source
* auto focus to arduino code area, can use ctrl+a to select correct source
* load source via url param in same site with such "url=xxx" syntax
* include 2 examples
* upload potentiometer control servo video
* application cache block images and jquery
* add Grove LCD print, Grove LCD power block
* call profile params via '' instead of ''
* rename Potentiometer block to Rotary Angle block
* update blockly till r496, move core js into core folder
* move arduino language generator to top level generator/ folder
* reasonable default) change default delay time from 0 to 1000
Credit: gasolin
0.7 2012/10/18
code name: SPACE
refine bootstraping process
* promotion video
* bootstraping sample blocks and document to easily custom blocks.
* update blockly till 10/18
* from blockly) Move include section always at top of the source file
* move delay block to Control blocks Panel
* move map block to Math blocks panel
* fix servo move block cascade input issue
Credit: gasolin
0.6 2012/10/14
code name: CASTLE
make BlocklyDuino public to github
* code on github
* add grove_temporature_sensor block
* add Serial print block
* map function can specify the max range value
* fix several functions to able to assigned to variables
Credit: gasolin
0.5 2012/10/11
code name: CREATOR
support int variables and new blockly syntax
* support variable declare statement
* support type declaration for strong type language
* (currently only support int type)
* can restore blocks
* add for statement
* add board profiles to support different board with ports(current arduino standard-compatible board only)
* support new blockly syntax
* change image size to 64*64
Credit: gasolin
0.4 2012/10/6
code name: CITY
First version with minimum function sets.
* Compact Digital/Analog Read/Write syntax
* Auto setup pinMode
* delay and map function
* 2 Standard blocks: Build-in LED, Servo
* 6 Grove blocks: LED, Potentiometer, Tilt switch, Piezo Buzzer, Relay
Credit: gasolin
Code name convention
BlocklyDuino code names follows lego themes
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at