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Benny Malengier 71eedf1e8b Fix error in code generator 7 years ago
gasolin 056590a186 Merge pull request #61 from carlosperate/readme_links 8 years ago
carlosperate 8d2c4439fb Fix servo example from latest change to servo block. 8 years ago
carlosperate 1988794995 Fix example links in README file. 8 years ago
gasolin b60b97c9ae Merge pull request #56 from arachnidlabs/servodelay 8 years ago
gasolin 07b10f7cfc Merge pull request #55 from arachnidlabs/grovefix 8 years ago
gasolin e051758d6f Merge pull request #59 from arachnidlabs/nowarn 8 years ago
Nick Johnson 6180e3efa5 Modify the build script to specify ECMASCRIPT5 as the language to the closure compiler. 8 years ago
Nick Johnson 078c1471f8 Fix ultrasonic sensor code 8 years ago
Nick Johnson c3c8c8b755 Remove delay parameter from Servo block. 8 years ago
gasolin cc30912a37 format CHANGELOG 8 years ago
gasolin 559f887e6f update demo links 8 years ago
gasolin d5bd487bd7 update compressed files 8 years ago
gasolin 391bafdce2 Merge pull request #52 from stevoleeto/xmlPrompt 8 years ago
gasolin c1be154c95 Merge pull request #51 from stevoleeto/saveCode 8 years ago
Stephen Gilardi c621c68cf9 single quote syntax. Corrected error checking for null filename 8 years ago
Stephen Gilardi fe45113be3 single quote syntax, and correct null filename check 8 years ago
Stephen Gilardi c5e7163082 saving XML now asks user for file name 8 years ago
Stephen Gilardi 438989cc21 fixed bug preventing any code NOT null from saving 8 years ago
Stephen Gilardi 2ca42d0484 save arduino code locally 8 years ago
gasolin 947e0d84f6 Merge pull request #50 from carlosperate/while_fix 8 years ago
carlosperate 167b0c8962 Fixes issue with while block referring to undefined function argument "block". 8 years ago
gasolin 319af3bec9 Merge pull request #47 from carlosperate/function_args 8 years ago
gasolin e85fafc5f5 Merge pull request #46 from carlosperate/gitignore 8 years ago
carlosperate c85cba7d17 Update procedures to define args and return to type int. 8 years ago
carlosperate 623d0af789 update gitignore for development files 8 years ago
gasolin e9fb0d1ef6 update changelog 8 years ago
gasolin 8fdc8c5672 Merge pull request #45 from carlosperate/blockly_update 8 years ago
carlosperate 58c846a60b Update to latest Blockly. 8 years ago
gasolin cfc575cd30 Merge pull request #43 from stevoleeto/whileLoop 8 years ago
gasolin 17a4e5fb13 Merge pull request #42 from stevoleeto/serialPrintln 8 years ago
Stephen Gilardi ec4d3961b9 while loop 8 years ago
Stephen Gilardi 1483c88214 serial print to next line 8 years ago
gasolin 7e43bd7469 Merge pull request #38 from arachnidlabs/analogwrite 8 years ago
gasolin b4c00aecf1 Merge pull request #36 from arachnidlabs/master 8 years ago
gasolin 697bc39e6a Merge pull request #37 from arachnidlabs/arduino-upload 8 years ago
Nick Johnson 89d2147ea9 Implemented web server that uses the official Arduino command line to upload sketches 8 years ago
gasolin f318759f1b use A4 for servo 8 years ago
Nick Johnson ab7ac906e3 analogWrite works on PWM pins, not analog pins 8 years ago
Nick Johnson 08b95d0b5f Added support for Arduino tone/notone 8 years ago
gasolin 43b8b03dbc add demo: click button to change LED colors 8 years ago
gasolin d9cbe6caa1 Update README.md 8 years ago
gasolin 2dfdbd3953 Update CHANGELOG.txt 8 years ago
gasolin ae92d8ec24 fix grove LED mutator 8 years ago
gasolin d7127fe0a9 add default mapping value 8 years ago
gasolin 4a033add32 change order to put general blocks categories at the top 8 years ago
gasolin 71550f12aa update compressed blockly core 8 years ago
gasolin d82eb7e451 move grove_ultrasonic under grove modules 8 years ago
gasolin b8825541a0 fix uploadClick funtion 8 years ago
gasolin 5ac9a31c56 add Access-Control-Allow-Origin header to access via 8 years ago