BlocklyDuino - with additional blocks for the ZeeDee.
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9 years ago
### Welcome to BlocklyDuino
BlocklyDuino is a **web-based visual programming editor for [Arduino](**.
10 years ago
8 years ago
BlocklyDuino is based on [Blockly](, the web-based, graphical programming editor. Provide static type language blocks and code generators for Arduino programming.
BlocklyDuino also support [Grove]( blocks to easily get started with microcontroller-based experimentation and learning.
[We also have Google+ Page](
### Features
* Programming Arduino with visually drag and drop code blocks
9 years ago
* Generate fully compatible Arduino source code
8 years ago
* Interactive Arduino board with 10+ predefined Grove sensor blocks
10 years ago
* Load different on-site examples with url parameters
### Demo
BlocklyDuino is a web tool. You can give it a try at
[Web]( to see the working BlocklyDuino.
10 years ago
You can link directly to examples
* [demo 1]( make default LED blink
* [demo 2]( control servo with potentio rotator
* [demo 3]( click button to change LED colors
8 years ago
Or watch the [video demos](
### Run locally on your web browser
8 years ago
If you want to install it locally. Get code from github and open `blockly/apps/blocklyduino/index.html` in your browser.
The preffered way is to put the BlocklyDuino/web folder into a web server and open the url like localhost/public/blockly/apps/blocklyduino/index.html for use.
### Integrated Arduino upload
To avoid the tedious step of manually pasting code to the Arduino IDE, you can run a mini webserver that uses
the [Arduino IDE]( to upload the code to a connected Arduino board on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems.
Invoke this command from the BlocklyDuino root folder:
You can optionally specify the port with `--port=COM3` (or `--port=/dev/` on Linux and Mac); if you don't, it will try and guess which port to use.
When the webserver is running, you can access BlocklyDuino itself on [](
### Usage
1. Open browser to BlocklyDuino, drag and drop blocks to make an Arduino program
2. Select the 'Arduino' tab and copy all of the source code into an existing or new project in the Arduino IDE
3. Press the 'Upload' button in the Arduino IDE to burn the code into a connected Arduino board
OR (if running ``):
8 years ago
1. Open browser to BlocklyDuino, drag and drop blocks to make an Arduino program.
2. Select the 'Arduino' tab and press the 'Upload' button. (press the 'Reset' button to upload an empty program)
### ChangeLog
Check changelog [here](
### Authors and Contributors
Fred Lin (@gasolin) .
8 years ago
Thanks Neil Fraser, Q.Neutron from Blockly
Thanks Dale Low (gumbypp) for contribute the python server to pipe BlocklyDuino source to arduino board.
Thanks Arduino and Seeeduino guys for Arduino and Grove blocks.
9 years ago
The project is also inspired by [arduiblock]( and [modkit](
### License
8 years ago
Copyright (C) 2012~2015 Fred Lin
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
9 years ago