10738 Commits (hacknology)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Manuel Vögele eef3c7f696 Enable manual probing and some other settings 2 years ago
  Manuel Vögele d7277cf397 A8 default config 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine e4ecade8d4 Fix AUTO_POWER_CONTROL compile error 2 years ago
  Giuliano eee1b7c50c [2.0.x] Fix compile error (#11465) 2 years ago
  Giuliano e85feb2545 [2.0.x] Better timing handling (#11461) 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine 79835590e3
Easier to disable homing validation (#11458) 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine 131d216afa
Fix drivers.h dependency, defer macro evaluation (#11450) 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine 9c62c47579
[2.0.x] Fix Dual X Carriage tool change crash (#11447) 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine 9bae413901
Add Bigtreetech/BIQU KFB 2.0 board (#11446) 2 years ago
  Marcio Teixeira f2224755ad Fix jumping progress bar. (#11439) 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine aae02827c0 Cosmetic pins changes 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine 64c493ad82 MKS_12864_OLED code cleanup 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine b826bf4194
Fix initial safe_speed in jerk code (#11417) 2 years ago
  forkoz 2cc950d67e [2.0.x] MKS SBASE Trinamic examples/support (#11402) 2 years ago
  Roxy-3D 16432376ab
Revert "[2.0.x]Idex and bl touch fixes" (#11407) 2 years ago
  Giuliano 74900f7a70 [2.0.x] bltouch home refinements (#11397) 2 years ago
  silentninja1 6dafb90c01 [2.0.x]Idex and bl touch fixes (#11395) 2 years ago
  Giuliano 5ce5ff8e9b [2.0.x] fix bltouch homing (#11379) 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine 15d68cb496 Pre-override of ST7920 delays before HAL.h 2 years ago
  Dave Johnson 8a24ff94d1 AT90USB1286 PIO cleanup and optimization (#11230) 2 years ago
  Lee Olivares 094e6d81a5 Add Einstart-S support (#11219) 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine 244b9a8257 Better fastio 1280/2560 pin list 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine 955a7f0ae9
Improve driver.h macros (#11371) 2 years ago
  MikeLud aadcf08913 [2.0.x] add Calibrate Z (M915) to Prepare Menu (#11331) 2 years ago
  Giuliano 4237c3d9f8 [2.0.x] different bltouch init (#11135) 2 years ago
  Andy Shaw 624986d423 Ensure ADC conversion is complete before reading (#11336) 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine e2aa635e70 Fix Anet A6 thermistors 2 years ago
  Bo Herrmannsen 67b205fd45 Add support for board RuRAMPS4D v1.3 (#11363) 2 years ago
  forkoz d1c6687ecd Update MKS sBase pins (#11357) 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine 048dbf6eca
Merge pull request #11275 from thinkyhead/bf2_pwm_adjustments 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine e05e95cf97 Clean trailing whitespace 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine 22ebbc091f Tweak some SoftPWM code 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine 32de09f5c5 Specify some extra CR-10S pins 2 years ago
  J.C. Nelson 9c2bfa2ab3 Remove extra parameter to enqueue. (#11364) 2 years ago
  Giuliano bd3ec66a78 [2.0.x] typo fix (#11365) 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine 4dfbae0e5c
Merge pull request #11264 from teemuatlut/bf2_define_drivers 2 years ago
  teemuatlut fbcdf5eaeb Simplify stepper driver per-axis selection 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine e5c0b490c8 Add *_DRIVER_TYPE to example configs 2 years ago
  Eyal fbdbe53290 Fix get_period_inverse(0) so it doesn't crash (#11334) 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine 14e2b11195 Fix spelling in configs 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine 4685c7d59f Followup to M91x I patch 2 years ago
  Roxy-3D 62fa028155
Handle dual gantry machines better 2 years ago
  Roxy-3D 09485f63e9
add missing ')' 2 years ago
  Roxy-3D a35abce1ac
Fix missing ')' 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine 76d4cfb064 Tweak some Max7219 code 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine 4195757585
Merge pull request #11309 from thinkyhead/bf2_manual_probe_start_z 2 years ago
  Roxy-3D 03b01e2500
Folger Tech i3-2020 now defaults to 2 Max7219 units 2 years ago
  Roxy-3D db85ca93c4
Change Max7219_idle_task() to use a column instead of row if Y-Axis as 16 LED's 2 years ago
  Roxy-3D 9660996cc3
Add Multi Unit Support for Max7219 to bugfix_2.0.0 (#11285) 2 years ago
  Scott Lahteine 39c8aed8ba Add MANUAL_PROBE_START_Z to example configs 2 years ago