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# bfloat16nn - an FPGA project #
# bfloat16nn - an FPGA project add-on#
This project demonstrates the use of half-precision floats on an FPGA, dubbed 'bfloat16nn'.
The project requires a colorlight-5a-75b board. A RISC-V CPU (RV32I) is incorporated.
The project also makes use of LiteDRAM DMA capabilities.
The project is assumed to be used in conjunction w/ the Risq5 project (repository avail. on this server as well)
on a somewhat larger FPGA at some later time.
(Hint: project has been tested on Linux Mint 20 only, but should run on other Linux versions as well ...)
@ -66,3 +68,4 @@ After installation of the relevant toolchains:
./ main bfloat16nnlib 2
7. Now, use 'ramboot' again! The system should swap to RAM bank #2 and boot the application right away
8. This is the testing loop, once your happy w/ your application, it needs to be flashed