An RV32IMF implementation w/ migen/LiteX
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kaqu b42d8d38c8 More readme files ... 9 months ago
Address_space.odp Started w/ DRAM access tests ... 1 year ago
InstructionDecode.odp Decoder explanation 11 months ago
InstructionDecoder.png Brushup for publication ... 9 months ago More readme files ... 9 months ago
Situation_Guide.odp More readme files ... 9 months ago
architecture.png Presentation added 12 months ago


This directory contains explanatory drawings for LibreOffice/Impress:

  1. Situation_guide.odp - Shows Wishbone system bus access, memory access & DRAM loading on several slides
  2. InstructionDecode.odp - The base instruction decoder automaton
  3. Address_space.odp - Colorlight board arrangement, in this context currently of no importance ...