Pimp my webcam (stream) project
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Pimp my webcam (stream)

The actual description can be found at https://www.hacknology.de/projekt/2020/pimpedwebcam/

As there has been confusion about the correct config.ini for akvcam,

I added a functioning one (store as /etc/akvcam/config.ini - w/ root rights!).

Also: You will need a 3rd gen. Intel i7/equivalent or better ...

22.06.20 New/improved features

Actual greenscreen may now be used (incorporates auto-adjust & keyboard manipulation)

27.05.20 New/improved features

Logo turning effect now optional

25.05.20 New/improved features

Specify your webcam by name, program will identify the correct device automatically
Clock & date parameters for different layouts
New transparency effect

22.05.20 New/improved features

Blur original stream background
Minimize original stream to specific coordinates

21.05.20 New/improved features

Permit background movie play (w/o sound)
Introduced coordinates & many more parameters 

17.05.20 New/improved features

3D text background elements
TrueType font support

15.05.20 New/improved features

Improved alternative background processing
Finally works w/ hacKNology's own RSS feed as well ...
Argument parsing improved (more parameters now optional)

13.05.20 New/improved features

Alarm clock added
Background removal (subjective improvement: convex hull)

12.05.20 New/improved features

Local RSS 'fake news' fun added
A more appropriate '3D' logo created
Background removal improved (a little bit)
More script parameters ...
Annoying 'empty room' start screen dropped

11.05.20 New/improved features

Automatic virtual port detection (via getvirtualvideo.py)
Message translation, exception handling, arg passing improved, more general emblem.png introduced
Background removal ('green screen'), beta & thus can be turned off ...