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OctoPrint LDAP auth Plugin

This plugin allow users to be connected using an LDAP server. This system works


When you try to login, OctoPrint search for user in this local database (users.yaml)

  • If it found a user, check if this user exists also on LDAP
  • If user exists on LDAP, use LDAP bind() to check login / password
  • If user not exists on LDAP, use native password system to check it


  • If it not found a user in local database, try to connect directly on LDAP
  • If login on LDAP il OK, a new local user is added with role “user” and a random password (password should never be used)
  • User is connected


  • An admin (default user for exemple), could change a user permissions or account state.
  • Password of LDAP users can’t be changed


You could configure LDAP server in plugin config, or manually in config.yaml

  ldap_uri: ldaps://
  ldap_tls_reqcert: demand
  ldap_search_base: dc=server,dc=com
  groups: TheGroupName


  • You can list multiple groups via comma seperation: Group1, Group2, Group3.
  • Leaving blank will skip a group check.


You can install it using pip install

Or with plugin manager into OctoPrint