I2S-mic./DMA & ESP32 Assembler FFT etc.
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Title:NodeSP2 Date:2020/08/02 Author:KQ Keywords: Odroid-Go,ESP32,FFT,Assembler,S32C1I,Semaphore



The general project description can be found at https://www.hacknology.de/projekt/2020/nodesp2/

Project structure

This projekt actually consists of three independant parts:

  1. The I2S processing logic & the ESP32 FFT assembly language integration (which, as explained in https://www.hacknology.de/projekt/2020/nodesp/ is what this is all about ...). Found in branch /src.

  2. An inline assembly demonstration of how to use the ESP32 atomic instruction for semaphores (w/o framework, RTOS etc. overhead - very fast :). Found in branch /lib/sema (a usage/test function can be found under /test).

  3. A shell script (MakeFirmware.sh) to patch the Odroid-Starter picture. Use it like: echo y | ./MakeFirmware.sh NodeSP2 from the project directory root (Standard w/ VSC). (ignore the message flood). Found in project root.