I2S-mic./DMA & ESP32 Assembler FFT etc.
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# MakeFirmware.sh
# Launch from VSC terminal within project directory:
# ./MakeFirmware.sh NodeSP2
# 04.03.20/KQ My little helper script ...
# TODO: Please adjust next line path to mkfw according to your local system!
if [ "$1" = "" ]
echo "usage: echo y | ./MakeFirmware.sh <filebasename_no_extension>"
echo "Working within directory:" `pwd`
echo "Converting res/$1.png -> tile.raw ..."
ffmpeg -i ./res/$1.png -f rawvideo -pix_fmt rgb565 ./res/tile.raw
echo ""
echo "Converting firmware.bin to firmware.fw ..."
$PATH2MKFW/mkfw $1 ./res/tile.raw 0 16 1048576 app .pio/build/odroid_esp32/firmware.bin
echo "Renaming firmware.fw to $1.fw"
mv firmware.fw $1.fw
ls -l *.fw
echo "\n\n!!! Done, $1.fw created, copy to SD-Card (subdir: /odroid/firmware) !!!"