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  kaqu f797bf280d Multicore Overview added 3 months ago
  kaqu 9e0abe8281 Streamlined for publishing 3 months ago
  kaqu e284a266b6 Publishable (re-loaded) 3 months ago
  kaqu 0d0c9b81bd Practicle application tests & adjustments 3 months ago
  kaqu 751975db71 Up w/ cool running(s)! 3 months ago
  kaqu 29ea25083e Working DRAM data based (w/ one table ...)! 3 months ago
  kaqu 847ba45d8c Increase stack, graphics 3 months ago
  kaqu c60131e64e Copy only modified files (now!) to litex tree ... 3 months ago
  kaqu b1eed8126e Merged, yet not integrated ... 3 months ago
  kaqu ab001bdc6d DRAM access integration preparation 3 months ago
  kaqu 383c68bfc9 Inverted LED worx! 4 months ago
  kaqu 80fc7babf3 Rewrite-Trial for test board 4 months ago
  kaqu b8ba9107d9 Input test (U28, U15) helper logic 4 months ago
  kaqu 9546d06dd8 Graphics included 4 months ago
  kaqu 6916be73de Adjusted paths before publication 5 months ago
  kaqu 2e56f793a9 Path hinting ... 5 months ago
  kaqu d6c55c076b Streamlined shell script (rc eval) 5 months ago
  kaqu 82f396bb8e Streamlined 5 months ago
  kaqu 9198ffcfb2 Speedier demo, flash app clear added 5 months ago
  kaqu 728f258fd9 Integrate (soft) float support 5 months ago
  kaqu d4948f201e Documentation included now 5 months ago
  kaqu 4015caedc8 Finally booting flash w/o connected terminal! 5 months ago
  kaqu 73f226cc66 Flash to upper region finally working! 5 months ago
  kaqu 9367a9b6d0 Testing various flashing methods ... 5 months ago
  kaqu 58cb641ca1 Dual bank loader (eases testing) w/o reset nec.! 5 months ago
  kaqu f916787572 Now w/ kbhit() & working! 6 months ago
  kaqu 3ce7042421 Non-blocking console mode introduced 6 months ago
  kaqu 17e9a5cc26 Layout improved before branch merge 6 months ago
  kaqu 8bb4a4d5e2 Now w/ RAM load stuff included ... 6 months ago
  kaqu 88064133e3 RAM boot preparation etc. integrated 6 months ago
  kaqu b925076f0b RAM boot ok! 6 months ago
  kaqu df00a4c94d Copyjob worsened ;) Dumpregs added 6 months ago
  kaqu 3ec69d3495 boot RAM object by signature hunt 6 months ago
  kaqu 3f4e2107ee RAM boot @0x40100000 test 6 months ago
  kaqu 1d9a0460ec Flashing now working successfully (Ta! Wolfgang!) 6 months ago
  kaqu 6dd830daa5 Finally! 1st LED ok (h/w # must match!) 6 months ago
  kaqu abf378b94a 1st LED included! But: Disable keeps it going?! 6 months ago
  kaqu 95a1b0fa9e Block adressing corrected, still 0-LED fault ... 6 months ago
  kaqu b08b5a983a Minimal footprint ready! 6 months ago
  kaqu 332a805a0c Memory solution max. is 4x 256, but works! 6 months ago
  kaqu 98e3d968d7 Better illumination ... 6 months ago
  kaqu f7d4b31e26 Restructured, separate simple (naive) version 6 months ago
  kaqu f9264ac454 Improved docs, blockmem will be next ... 6 months ago
  kaqu ac3ffe2683 Getting closer w/ flash & illumination 6 months ago
  kaqu f126ec28c0 Bitstream conversion integrated, flash fails ... 6 months ago
  kaqu 702443ce05 Flash integration started (import from Wolfgang) 6 months ago
  kaqu d1272adbbb Better autodoc, firmware project local w/ copyjob 6 months ago
  kaqu e56f154623 Calculation times & placing test data included ... 6 months ago
  kaqu f6fa3950f3 Wishbone accessible version ready ... 6 months ago
  kaqu 18bfecde54 Array access testing ... 6 months ago