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The project assumes a local 'fpga' path within the home directory of the user, where all the above mentioned software packages are installed.
Furthermore, the project assumes a virtual environment named 'fpga' where all project relevant python libs are registered (this is not strictly necessary ... maybe software/ has to be adjusted, as well as the python interpreter settings within VSC!).
The actual 'Neopixelar' project may be installed anywhere, but local paths will have to be adjusted (firmware/main.c, software/ ... worx for me ;).
### 2. Hardware ###
A JTAG programmer will be required for successful device programming. Thanx to Wolfgang, I'm using the Versaloon (s/w for blue-pill STM32), see To use this device, you also will have to install openocd via 'apt install openocd'. See for details, on how to connect the JTAG adapter.