Expansion board for hoverboard firmware. Communicates to board via UART and Interfaces to Nunchucks, Gametraks, IMUs or wirelessly to itself.
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phail 5ded7076d6 Nunchuk running 3 years ago
ESP32_espnow_MasterSlave.h ESP now bidirectional 4 years ago
Paddelec.h finetuning 3 years ago
Platooning.h Input Mehtods can now be active simultaneously 4 years ago
communication.h odroid joystick and nunchuk can be used together 3 years ago
config.h Nunchuk running 3 years ago
go_display.h odroid menu 3 years ago
input.h Nunchuk running 3 years ago
main.h Nunchuk running 3 years ago
oled.h restructured lots of files 4 years ago
serialbridge.h OTA Flashing when using UDP 3 years ago
testrun.h testrun functions, protocol over ESPnow 4 years ago