37 Commits (main)

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  Dennis Bücker 02624ef9de Game testing results with fewer levels to resolve #11 6 days ago
  laenan a60ad6617f Merge pull request 'Add level indication to fix #13' (#15) from feature/level-indication into main 6 days ago
  Dennis Bücker 4e791be8fd Add level indication to fix #13 6 days ago
  Dennis Bücker 963dc227af Faster and fewe levels to comply with comments on #11 6 days ago
  laenan 8c3bcd130a Merge pull request 'longPressFeedback' (#14) from longPressFeedback into main 6 days ago
  Dennis Bücker 3174c7e08f Enforce Level generation to minimum of numberOfColors 6 days ago
  Dennis Bücker 6c889a8587 Move sequence analysis to main routine. 6 days ago
  Dennis Bücker 9c818b730f Add feature to give feedback for long button press, resolves #8 6 days ago
  Dennis Bücker 754bbb7c87 Bugfix #12 by redrawing every tick. Introduces ugly blink when starting new sequence. 6 days ago
  Dennis Bücker d0f76fc5d1 Include multiple lives to resolve #9 6 days ago
  Dennis Bücker de9c48a201 Include Lifes to contribut to #9 6 days ago
  Dennis Bücker 6cfb7228f5 Included Level completion screen, resolves #6 6 days ago
  Dennis Bücker 0ad5ff7aac Add Game Loose screen to resolve #4 6 days ago
  Dennis Bücker 552ec98b34 Add Game Won Screen, contributes to #4 6 days ago
  Dennis Bücker 151f62a147 Add screen before color sequence is displayed to resolve #3 1 week ago
  Dennis Bücker 5b9acf8475 Include level in sequence generation to resolve #2. 1 week ago
  Dennis Bücker afecc92ea2 Bugfix display highlight and new colors 1 week ago
  Dennis Bücker f57c833d68 New style of display modes 1 week ago
  Dennis Bücker cfb51dcdc2 Four display support 1 week ago
  Dennis Bücker 84c38fda4c Add display of two colors 1 week ago
  Dennis Bücker d73e207922 Optimization for debugging 1 week ago
  Dennis Bücker ab9b6b04bb Sequence generation 1 week ago
  Dennis Bücker 5f244318f3 Simple level dynamic and improved display. 1 week ago
  Dennis Bücker 845660d26e Determination of unique colors and send values to display 1 week ago
  Dennis Bücker 084434e0db Rename Display to avoid name conflict 2 weeks ago
  Dennis Bücker 3f2b546867 New Display modes 2 weeks ago
  Dennis Bücker 228bddd074 Add some basic button logic 2 weeks ago
  Dennis Bücker 2ca345af38 Correct names of button library 2 weeks ago
  Dennis Bücker 5c0bb83212 Add new display mode 2 weeks ago
  Dennis Bücker 884c44fae3 Add state machine states for further modes. 2 weeks ago
  Dennis Bücker c43b24f257 Add Readme file 2 weeks ago
  Dennis Bücker 724ae2253a Change board to official m5stack-atom 2 weeks ago
  Dennis Bücker a6ebb233e6 Rewrite program layout to state machine 3 weeks ago
  Dennis Bücker 9eb5512a1a Add check for simple win condition 2 months ago
  Dennis Bücker efa3de5207 Add delay for advance color within SimonSays function 2 months ago
  Dennis Bücker 9b10b6fcea Update class name MCUInfo to camelCase. 2 months ago
  Dennis Bücker 641cb5a105 Initial commit 2 months ago