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IoB phel Concept tbd tbd 2016-07-12

Idea / Motivation

seen an article on Make of a beer fridge enhanced with a wii balance board and a raspberry pi and thought this could be a great thing to safeguard our beer and Mate supply. Since tecer already did a project with a hacked Bathroom scale, we can profit from his experince.


Beer Fridge


  • Arduino
  • WiFi Module ESP8266
  • Load Cells (from bathroom scale)
  • Door sensor (Reed contact, hall sensor or simple switch)
  • DC Power Supply


Processes the raw measurements of the load cell and takes care of calibration. Serves measurement values and state of the door sensor over WiFi.



  • either SoC with WiFi, LCD, touchscreen or switches
  • or old Andorid Tablet



  • Database
  • Webinterface