Updated 3 weeks ago

A simple server for serving our SpaceAPI interactively.

Updated 2 weeks ago

Updated 1 week ago

Firmware for Motor control board. Based on STM32/GD32, can drive two sensored BLDC motors.

Updated 1 week ago

Expansion board for hoverboard firmware. Communicates to board via UART and Interfaces to Nunchucks, Gametraks, IMUs or wirelessly to itself.

Updated 1 week ago

API für offene Daten von Konstanz

Updated 5 days ago

Hackerspace Website

Updated 4 days ago

Neue Fräse. Bearbeitbar sollte eine Platte von 1.25x2.5m sein -evtl mit Umspannen.

Updated 3 days ago

try to use odroid GO as debugging console

Updated 1 day ago