try to use odroid GO as debugging console
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Paddelec control

ESP32 based control board to read Gametraks attached to a paddle. Provide input via serial to control a hoverboard with custom firmware. See (mirrored on Additional feature to work as a gateway for Wii Nunchuk (I²C)

Used IDE:


functionality based on Transparent WiFi (TCP, UDP) to all three UART Bridge, supports both AP and STATION WiFi modes.


IPAdress: AP SSID: paddelec AP Password: paddelec Used Ports: <-> COM0 <-> COM1 <-> COM2


Pinning COM0 Rx <-> GPIO3 COM0 Tx <-> GPIO1 COM1 Rx <-> GPIO15 COM1 Tx <-> GPIO4 COM2 Rx <-> GPIO16 COM2 Tx <-> GPIO17


In some cases the memorylayout is to small for this scetch. If you face this problem you can either disable Bluetooth by removing #define BLUETOOTH in config.h or change the partition size as described here:


#Pinning Adarfuit Feather Huzzah32

#UART to motor control SERIAL2_RXPIN 16 // receive Pin UART2 SERIAL2_TXPIN 17 // transmit Pin UART2

#I2C (Nunchuk) NUNCHUK_VCCPIN 14 // Pin used to supply Power I2C SCL 22 I2C SDA 23 (21 on NodeMCU boards)

GAMETRAK1_RPIN 39 // wire length Pin Gametrak 1 GAMETRAK1_PHIPIN 36 // horizontal angle Pin Gametrak 1 GAMETRAK1_THETAPIN 34 // vertical angle Pin Gametrak 1

GAMETRAK2_VCCPIN 27 // Pin used to supply Power